What is greater than a human being?

Sister One asked, “What is greater than a human being?”

Sister Two responded: “Maybe not greater than our human being, but the best our human-ness is capable of; going beyond daily routine and comfort, and even beyond mental and physical discipline, to spiritual discipline. To living in daily conscious connection, or at least reaching for connection, with the divine? (Please note I do not refer to religion…)”

Thomas: I like Sister Two”s answer which is basically be the greatest we can be. To her response “…reaching for the connection with the divine” I would add “within us.”

I should probably leave it there but in the event that might disappoint you, I’ll go on a bit. To say that we are confined to our own humanness implies that there is no other being within this game of life that is greater than a human being. To see a flock of several hundred small birds fly, turn, land in unison and not wonder if there is something they “know”, “understand”, “sense” that we do not, some form of communication greater than ours seems arrogant. There is much that we can observe in our universe that is greater than a human being. Do we have superior minds? Not superior enough to keep from killing each other and destroying the environment we need to live healthy lives.

As for something outside life as we know it, I don’t know of anything greater. I have a notion that helps guide me in this life but I know nothing.