A new Religion

If Satan wrote the Bible, shouldn’t Jews, Christians and Muslims be looking for a new religion?
A new religion?! Oh, Please. We have more than enough religions. The religions many have grown up with are imbedded in their psyche. Communism was the largest experiment in getting rid of religion and it clearly failed to do so. However, new religions have formed over the years; some of them, most notably the Mormons in recent times, have been quite successful in drawing people to them from other religions. It is apparent that many people need religion perhaps to help them stay on a moral path or to help them through difficult times or to give them comfort. Religious rituals are important to some; songs and sermons can be uplifting as well as doing good.
I would not for a minute suggest replacing established religions with a new religion. I shudder at the thought of anyone taking my writings (this is not the only place I write) as the basis for a new religion because historically all of the great religions have strayed from the words of the teachers on whom they were founded.
My philosophy is introspective. To follow my path one needs to use his or her brain to think about this life, his or her life. I hope that what you find when you look inside yourself is a conscience that guides you. Much of your conscience may be in step with a religion or, more nearly, with the teachings of the original figure in the religion but the ultimate guide should be totally within you. We are all different. If you want to call what you find within yourself a new religion, fine; but keep it to yourself.

2 thoughts on “A new Religion

  1. I know this is an old post. I’ve been thinking about Satan writing the Bible (I’m teaching Paradise Lost and for some reason have been obsessed with reading about the Illuminati and Satanism, even though I’m not really sure what I’m gaining by all this reading), and found your site, and really love it, so now I’m going back and reading your older posts. I hope that’s okay.

    Based on your last paragraph, I am convinced we agree, but I have been wording it differently in my head, probably because my particular religion/worldview fits somewhere within paganism rather than atheism. To me, (and yes, this is a belief, not knowledge, a hopeful belief at that) our purpose in life is to find/develop (and I do mean some discovery AND some creation) our own personal unique religion/worldview. It may be extremely close to and possibly almost indistinguishable from an established religion and fit within it, such as Catholicism. It could be like my religion, which fits within paganism but there’s no one who’s very close to believing/practicing as I do. It could have to do with some idea of God or the supernatural, in which case, I’d call it a religion. Or it could have nothing to do with them, and fit into some sub-section of atheism. And so on. The only thing I really think is important is that it CANNOT be 100% identical to someone else’s. You have to find at least something that is unique to you. Otherwise, you aren’t free. I think our goal on this world is to learn/experience as much as we can, and that can’t happen if we just mindlessly follow others. We each bring our own piece of the “knowledge” to the table.

    • Raven, I welcome your thoughts, agree with them and offer these in response. Your goal that your belief not be identical to someone else’s seems to me to be pushing an issue that may not really exist. I would say that your belief IS NOT identical to anyone else’s and if it changes, as it most likely will for a person who is thinking about belief, it will still not be identical to anyone else’s. I don’t think you need to focus on this. You are unique; that is wonderful. Just accept it as part of the wonderfulness of you.
      My goal in this life is happiness; learning and experiencing certainly bring happiness but happiness works best for me as a goal because I can feel happiness and unhappiness and I can react to those feelings. Easy example: if watching the news makes me unhappy, I can simply stop watching or at least cut back on the amount of misery I allow myself to receive. More complex example: I’ve found that happiness in others makes me happy so I give thought to ways to make others happy.

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