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Welcome to Satan Wrote the Bible. Because of the nature of the content, and the often emotional reactions to it, we strongly advise everyone to read these introductory words from the author, Thomas D:

If you come here feeling anger at the notion anyone would have the audacity to claim that Satan wrote The Bible, I apologize. It is not my desire to cause anyone to feel negative emotions. If your neck is stiff or your shoulders are up around your ears, please take a moment to relax. Take a deep breath. Put a smile on your face even if you don’t at all feel like smiling. I hope that makes you feel a little better.
I advise you not to read the Satan Wrote the Bible essay as it is unlikely it will make you feel better. Read the essay on love instead. It is based on the biblical teachings of love for everyone.
The Satan essay is based on what those who believe there is a Satan believe about him. It is a rational argument using empathy. Its purpose is to make people think, nothing more or less. I have no desire to make anyone angry or upset or to change anyone’s belief.
—Thomas D, Christmas, 2007


We encourage reading The Bible. We especially hope that those who have structured their belief system around it will read it. For some perspective, we also encourage reading other cultural “myths.” As Thomas D puts it, in the essay Satan Wrote the Bible:

The Old Testament was written from oft told stories passed on from generation to generation. These stories were part the history of the people and part the myth that they developed to answer life’s perplexing questions. The myths of the Old Testament are very similar to myths in all cultures. Joseph Campbell recommends, “Read other people’s myths, not those of your own religion, because you tend to interpret your own religion in terms of facts.”


The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell is also a documentary film featuring Bill Moyers, available on DVD.

So, just what is going on here? It’s a thought exercise. Consider this, again from the essay Satan Wrote the Bible:

Consider the possibility that the Bible was written under the influence of Satan rather than God. Since we are playing with the notion that one of them influenced the stories of the Bible the exercise should begin before the Bible, before Genesis.


Using what we know about the stories in the Bible, Thomas D. puts together this thought experiment to illustrate the power of the myths in the Bible, and the problems that certitude in those myths can cause. By thinking about the Bible in the context of the world from which it emerged, he uses it’s own facts and logic to assume what to many is tantamount to blasphemy. And yet, if you follow the logic of the argument, you can walk away with a less literal, more allegorical understanding of the good book. This site is about perspective and the power that it, or the lack of it, takes on in this world.

Because this is an on-going and open thought experiment, we encourage you to sign up and leave comments on the Satan’s Bible Blog. We’d like to hear your Bible commentaries, questions, and facts. Perhaps you have a unique view of the various myths throughout human culture that would help others understand the many unique views we all share on this planet.

23 thoughts on “About Satan Wrote the Bible

  1. Do you believe in a “Higher Power”? An organizing force in the universe.
    Or do you believe the universe in a random chaotic thing?
    I personally believe that there must be some organizing force that is beyond our
    comprehension and that organized religion is a product of the desire to control people.
    My brother has been a life long athiest/agnostic. Now he is on his death bed and he insists on praying a lot. I wonder what this is about.

    • Bill, thank’s for great questions. “Beyond our comprehension” is the key for me in what you wrote. Personally I don’t hold beliefs beyond my comprehension. It is fine for people to believe there is a God or to believe there is no God as long as it doesn’t mess up their lives. If praying is giving your brother comfort; all well and good. If it were my brother I would sit with him and hold his hand and close my eyes and think hard about my love for him which might seem a lot like praying. If he asked me to pray out loud to God, I would do as he asked praying to the God he was praying to.
      When I think about whether or not there is some organizing force, it certainly seems like there is something outside of this life, this perception we call life. The notion of a God such as the one depicted in The Bible does not resonate with me. That God is really not a very attractive figure even at his best.
      I like the notion that outside of this life is very much like this life. The folks out there have created a game; as our video games get closer to virtual reality it is easier to imagine this life being a virtual reality. In this game those on the other side can watch and perhaps even intervene much as when we play a pinball game we have flippers to use and we can even give a little nudge to the machine. I like to take the notion of duality to another level and project the possibility that I am on the other side playing the game that I am as a pawn in this life; here in this life I am the pinball while on the other side I’m watching the pinball move inexorably from its birth at the top of the incline to death. One of the beauties of this notion is that we can play again if we wish and, as with any game we play, we get better each time we play. That, for me, has taken away any fear of death.

      • The God of the Bible “does” resonate with you, as it is all you talk about. You even built a website just for the God the Bible. That’s more than I’ve done and I’m a christian. It is possible to truly believe you are 100% honest about your beliefs and actually be lying, which I believe you are. Your desire to “stick it to christians” far outweights your sincere desire to know the truth.

        • True my focus is on the God of the Bible, Christianity is the religion with which I am most familiar and the audience I’m writing for is those who believe God wrote the Bible or caused it to be written. I am not interested in sticking it to Christians, or Muslims or Jews all of whom accept the Old Testament. I do not encourage anyone to leave their religion. There is much wisdom in the Bible but taking the Bible literally without question has had a lot of tragic consequences. Religious rituals, songs, art, worship and literature can have a place in our lives, can enrich our lives as long as we don’t get bogged down believing our belief is the only true belief, that our way is the only path to a good life or a good life after death.
          I can only know the truth for myself and to say I know even the truth for myself would tend to slow down my questioning of that truth. I believe that a belief, a faith, in a god or many gods, a heaven and/or a hell any philosophy that guides or informs us in this life should be helpful in leading our life. A philosophy that causes us or others pain or unhappiness or that makes our life more difficult should be explored in the hope it can be modified to improve the quality of our life.


  2. I’m here because I can’t believe a caring, loving God can be so cruel as he is described in the Bible. Certainly God would not ask a man to kill his son to prove his love for Him.
    An omniscient God that lives outside of time and space would not be so tyrannical and unforgiving.
    I know that many if not all of the OT stories are far older than the Jewish religion, which leads me to believe there are no chosen people.
    I do believe Jesus came as a sacrifice for our sins according to some universal law we do not understand, while telling us just what it is we are here for: Love one another.
    Yet this is not what we have learned from the Bible.

    • Love is what you learn from the bible. Out of love, when people are beyond redeeming and insist on being cancerous to others, the loving thing to do is eliminate them from the community (death or banishment) after much patience and dealing with them, warning them to repent. That’s what Gehenna is.

      By the bible’s own admittance, Adam, Noah, Abraham were not Jewish. The chosen people descended from them after the nations rejected YHWH.

      Zechariah 11:10 (NIV)

      10 Then I took my staff called Favor and broke it, revoking the covenant I had made with all the nations.

  3. I get it; you only allow comments that agree with atheism. I am prepared to be blocked.
    That said, Did Satan shoot himself in the foot when he wrote:
    Romans 14:11
    It is written: “‘As surely as I live,’ says the Lord, ‘every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God.’”
    Philippians 2:10
    that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth,

    The Bible author also wrote this:
    Revelation 20:10-12
    10 And the devil, who deceived them, was thrown into the lake of burning sulfur, where the beast and the false prophet had been thrown. They will be tormented day and night for ever and ever.
    11 Then I saw a great white throne and him who was seated on it. The earth and the heavens fled from his presence, and there was no place for them. 12 And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Another book was opened, which is the book of life. The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books.
    Was he suicidal?
    I am under no illusion that this will be published.

    • I welcome your comments and will give them some thought. In the meantime, have you read more than the title of the site? I’d be interested in comments on what I have written rather than Biblical quotes which, I’m sorry to say, are pretty easy to dismiss though I will give your effort more thought than the easy answer.

      • Was Satan suicidal, you ask?
        You really need to read the essay. If after reading it you still think these quotes are relevant, you need to read it again and try to understand it better.
        Why would Satan write “that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow”? Satan’s motive, his purpose as I understand it, is to destroy God’s creation. By getting a lot of people to believe that Jesus is savior and to dedicate their lives to bowing down to crosses, spending hours looking away from God’s creation (nature, people, even their own minds and bodies) Satan has succeeded. Take it a step further and look at the terrible things that have been done in Jesus name from religious crusades and the inquisition to killing doctors who believe differently.
        I have a confession to make; I don’t believe Satan wrote the Bible any more than God wrote the Bible. It was written by men who had the best interests of their society and fellow man at heart. Their descendents, Popes, preachers, imams, rabbis, and others with followers today are doing the work of getting people to destroy “God’s creation”. When you are told to believe without question you are being told to turn away from your mind—God-given, wouldn’t you say? There are some wonderful Christians trying to get our species to stop the environmental destruction of “God’s creation” but there are as many “Christians” who arrogantly believe they were put on this earth to destroy it and they are winning.
        I was happy to publish your comments because they make my case. Just a footnote, you really ought to forget about Revelation. If you read all of the New Testament and understand Jesus message, you will realize that Revelation doesn’t fit with his teaching at all.

        • Interesting that you think the purpose of Satan is to destroy God’s creation. I must ask where that thought stems from?. As I read the book of Genesis, and how Adam and Eve were banned from the Garden, but it is based on looking at the part of where the serpent (Satan) convinced Eve to eat the fruit, which caused them to be banned from the Garden, and therefore be sent into the rest of the Earth, and therefore we are at the point of today, where we pollute rivers, intentionally hurt people, etc. then I could see where your belief comes from, because based on that view, you would be correct!
          I believe that is not Satan’s intention, as much as it is to confuse people that what God offers is not enough, and therefore one makes a conscious effort to ignore or not to believe in God (or perhaps not the beauty in life as from God), rather than choose a personal relationship with God Himself, the creator (whom helps us see beauty in all of creation). Looking back at the story of Adam and Eve, I look at it as a decision of free will, as Satan convinced Eve that what God had already provided was not enough (same as the aspect of rebellion which Satan chose as an angel in Heaven, as he entertained the same thought). A loving God allows people to make a decision, either with positive or negative consequences. Now, man may think that some consequences are positive, but are in fact negative, and vice versa based on our own definitions, feelings, etc. (I may feel guilt for killing someone else, but another person may feel pleasure, but does that mean its right?), but that does not change the consequences that God, the creator, has established. Now there is the aspect of consequences in regards to ‘Holy-ness’ perfection, and the like, which is based on the aspect of love, forgiveness, and grace, and also the discussion of the Old Testament which ultimately points out people’s need for a Savior, which the New Testament provides the punchline, but I suppose those are some topics for another discussion.

          • My essay on Satan writing the Bible is an analysis based on what believers believe: that God created the world we live in and that Satan existed in the same realm as God at the time of creation but was unable to create anything like the world and life. You give an interpretation of the Adam and Eve story that is based on your belief. My take on the story is based on the notion that God created Adam and Eve and can be thought of as their father. And, yes, a loving father does allow people to make decisions but a loving father would not give his children a table laden with wonderful food and candy and put a bowl of poison on the table and tell the children not to eat from that bowl. That is exactly what the God of Genesis did. Not a father to be admired. That is just one example of many in the Bible of a deity I could not admire.

  4. You state that “a loving father would not give his children a table laden with wonderful food and candy and put a bowl of poison on the table and tell the children not to eat from that bowl.” In the Bible, it states that God said to freely enjoy all that there was (the food and candy), but do not eat ‘the poison’ as you state it. That implies not only a decision, but also free will of the ability to make a decision to trust to their ‘Father’. An antonym of trust would be ‘suspect’, which is what Satan used to convince Eve, and in turn Adam to eat ‘the poison’.
    Referring back to either one of your other posts or comments on a different article on the site (don’t remember which), you said something akin to wouldn’t it be a ‘slap in the face’ so to speak, to God, as He gave us all this beauty and you continued to ask ‘can I have more’. And this is exactly what Adam and Eve did, even though they had everything else available to them to enjoy, they wanted more, the one thing the Father told them to not take possession of, the poison. As a result, negative consequences happened, exactly what the Father told them would happen if they did eat the fruit, and God did not hide it. If God did not allow to happen what He said would happen, wouldn’t that make God a liar? I can live with a God who disciplines (as we discipline our own children), but not a God who is a liar (whom Satan is).

  5. Greatings to all who visit and maintain this site. My question is to nickd…. The bible as I understand it speaks of a serpant who tempted eve with the fruit of knowledge of good and evil. My problem with this is that it almost seems that god did the same when he gave knowledge of there being a differance of this fruit and that fruit by telling adam and eve not to indulge…. follow me for a second here…. just by introducing the thought, temptation is born…. if you tell a human child not to do something, it is programmed in their nature to contradict your commandment and take their own mind and free will into account and find out what hot or cold is for themselves because without knowing the difference they would be the same and there would be no curiosity… so if God wished of us not to indulge why would he have placed the seed of thought in her mind that would tempt the indulgence when he created us in His own image which inherently would mean he knows our nature which tells me he would have been aware that by forbiding the indulgence he would have guaranteed it! It seems to me that if he truly didn’t want us to have the knowledge of good and evil that he wouldn’t have provided us with the temptation that would almost certainly lead us to it! Sounds like a set up similar to the serpents will….

  6. I would also like to add that without the knowledge of good and evil or this and that how could we ever exercise free will or our right to decide for ourselves or whatever else you want to call it? It doesn’t make sense to me to taunt a pure being with knowledge that would be there unraveling…. If purity is what you truly are seeking any more than it makes sense to me that you could say you’ve given free will to something but then forbid or deprive or call it whatever…. from part of the substance that would make their decision a truly free one there is another word or words for this wich is to tease or taunt wich im my opinion is an act of cruelty not compassion! compassion to me would be to keep the knowledge in yourself of the poisonous fruit put it in the farthest reaches of the garden far past all that is needed to survive and hope that your flock would see for themselves the spoiled fruit that is on that tree without any outside influence of this or that… that would be a compassionate God and that would show free will to me… because there was no influence of this or that from God or a serpent! you don’t have to tell an animal not to eat spoiled me or warn them of the dangers… they were born with everything they needed to discern the danger in the tainted meat… that is free will and a real personal decision without being persuaded or commanded to do otherwise …the message is in our flesh and this creation which we are apart of and is very pure and definitely the face of God! This is more of a question than my belief…. that is the logic my mind forces…. the true nature of god is a mistery to me as to you! I do believe in a higher power just not the earthly labels adhered to it… i dont wish to offend… im looking for insite outside of my own logic that could shed more light on the question?

    • Jim,
      I think I love you. Looking for insight outside of your own logic is a great goal and one I try to practice.
      One of my initial reactions to your post was “why put the poison tree in the garden at all?” but then I reread it and realize the poison tree is necessary if there is to be choice between good and poison (evil?). This raises some very interesting thoughts taking me on a journey into evolution.
      In my experience as a gardener I have found that animals visiting my garden (deer, groundhogs, porcupines) will take a taste, just a taste of the vegetables on their first visit causing very little damage. On the second visit they are likely to eat the whole row of beans. My conclusion is that to avoid food that might be bad for them they try a little and if it tastes good and doesn’t make them sick, they will be back for more. I have also found that they can communicate their results with others of their species. From the point of view of the gardener I have learned to visit my garden every day and when animal activity is spotted to take immediate action to make sure a second visit is not pleasant.
      From the point of view of evolution and the thought of a poisonous fruit in the Garden of Eden, it would be good if there was some fruit that would make Adam and Eve a little sick and the closer they got to eating from the most poisonous the worse the reaction. Or God could have included in his children an instinct not to eat of the forbidden fruit. Ah, but we shouldn’t blame God, after all they were his first children.

  7. The only contributions the bible has given to humanity is never ending conflict and the stifling of man’s progress in many aspects.

    • Dear Miz,
      It is easy to agree with you. There has certainly been unending conflict around religious belief though it actually goes back to before the Bible. I would say the problem is the way the Bible is used to manipulate people; one of the ways people are manipulated is by inhibiting thought saying believe what I say and don’t think, don’t question whether or not there is a god, don’t question a heaven or hell, don’t let your mind open to interesting questions. It is that way that man’s progress in many aspects is stifled.

  8. I have recently come to the conclusion that it is possible Satan had a large influence in the writing of the bible… and God also did. I thought it’s also possible other people have been thinking this and I wanted to find some alternate thoughts, and perhaps some people toying with this idea that I could talk to. A source that triggered this thought to the forefront of my mind is a man named Simon Parkes. Secondarily there are things I’ve heard from David Icke that also carry weight, but did not trigger me to consider this possibility. Something I’m thinking about now… My boyfriend – an avid Christian – has been telling me about the nature of Jesus’ death and how his death was necessary to bring the Holy Spirit into all of human-kind. Now Consider that maybe, through pure ingenuity, Satan decided he could create a race of beings with souls to do with as he pleased… and he dictated to this race that he was their creator – their God – and commanded that they worship and obey him. This sounds to me like something Satan would do… and he would do it with pride. Correct me if I’m wrong, but according to biblical legend, wasn’t Satan cast out of heaven because he challenged God believing he could be God too? Now I’m stepping out on a limb here by suggesting Satan created human-kind, but I think I’m in good company on this website. The thing is… Satan may have indeed found a way to manipulate life to these ends, but he was still borrowing from God to do so, and he is still one of God’s creations himself. My perception is that everything in the universe is God.. or a part of God.. or however you want to define it. So Satan may have created Humanity to some degree, but We are still God’s people… And now since my boyfriend mentioned this idea about Jesus… Maybe Jesus’ death connected our race to God somehow, in a way were were not connected before? Before considering this I have often thought of Jesus as a great teacher of love who’s teachings were amplified in the form of martyrdom… and I still believe this… but maybe there’s more to it. Would someone like to offer some thoughts?

    • Linda,
      I apologize for taking so long to approve your comment. As to your question about Satan being cast out of heaven, there is actually very little of Satan in the Bible about Satan; most of what people believe has been generated by folks interpreting the Bible often for their own good, I’ll call them preachers. You are right that Jesus was a great teacher of love. Unfortunately the “preachers” latch onto “I am the way” which is probably not something he ever said as it goes against all of his teachings through the parables. The beauty of the parables is their message can’t be manipulated.
      Thanks for your thoughts.

  9. I think were all living in a dream/nightmare,thematrix the god of the bible is evil he shows that in the garden of eden he wanted us to remain oblivious and instead of love and forgiveness he curses both adam eve and doesnt stop their he curses all generations so that means every human to ever live on earth and just over having spiritual knowledge. I dont like it here never have since i was born got very little to say as a person i just dont care for the world in general sports,sex,movies,games,friends,marriage,education, politics,hobbies its all just a distraction from the fact that nothing in this world is real its only peoples thoughts and feelings and ego that make them see any differently but hell i wish i was asleep and could enjoy things on this planet im not knocking anyone for the way they live their life if anything makes you happy here pursue it and dont ever live in fear of going to hell from sin according to a jealous vengeful god of the bible thats ridiculous. i think were eternal beings living on flat plane like the bible says with 4 corners to the earth trapped under a dome the full potential of our minds are imprisoned here the only main goal in a lifetime is to work like slaves to survive we cant even live on this planet without working lol who wants to be homeless? while big name families such as the rockefellers own almost all the world banks, media, money etc… i hope to god when i die i dont ever have to come back to this place called earth. these are just my opinions agree with it or toss it in the trash i dont care.

    • Michael,
      Apparently life sucks for you. That is not trivial. You write that nothing in this world is real which, especially when coupled with the rest of your writing, is profound. The philosopher Descartes found the one truth, the one thing that we know, probably all that we can know, that we exist. No, not that we exist that I exist. His finding was “I think therefore I am” and no philosopher since has been able to logically refute that thought.
      You and I can communicate at this level, the level of understanding in which we function here on earth, in this world you don’t care for, but as you read this you have no way of knowing I exist or that anything else does other than as a function of you, a part of your reality, perhaps a virtual reality, the reality that is your life. Think of your life as a video game where things happen to the central character, you, and it is up to you to play the game well. I like your analogy “trapped under a dome” as it works as an image of Descartes thought.
      As to your thought of the only goal of life being work to survive, when I found myself in a similar thought I decided to make a change. I decided that happiness should be the goal of life and while I didn’t know what might make me happy, what the change should be, I felt I should make a change. My second thought was that I should look at my life as it went along and try to identify things that made me unhappy. I decided that watching the nightly news made me unhappy and so I quit; it made a difference. I continue to work to eliminate unhappiness and have found myself to be a very happy person these days. It’s still a work in progress.

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