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Thomas, you wrote, ” I do believe there was a man named Jesus who grew up in Nazareth.”

I don’t. I’ve only recently come to this conclusion after I read this:

Good stuff, though, even if he was a myth… If only people read the Jefferson Bible instead of the King James version.

Another Country

Thank you, Another Country. The link is excellent and I think we are in agreement that there is good stuff in the New Testament whether or not Jesus put on his sandals one foot at a time or if he existed. My fundamentalist friend, Michael, thinks there is good stuff also; I have asked him twice which was more important believing Jesus was the way to heaven or living a good life. He has not answered either time which leads me to believe he thinks believing is more important than understanding or doing.
I tend to believe there was a man who got it right who lived about the time attributed to Jesus and that a number of people heard him and realized he was onto something. The disciples became, if not already, itinerant preachers. They tried to get people to understand the message and as they traveled around they embellished the story creating the myth that is the New Testament. Folks who use their minds, however they got them, can see the beauty of the message of loving everyone and try to bring it into their own lives. Followers, dare I say sheep, pick up the easy way which was probably not part of the original message and can go to bed comforted every night because they have accepted Jesus as their savior and whatever they did during the day is less important. I feel quite sure that the person who understood loving neighbors and enemies as stated directly and through the parables never said he was the way into heaven as that notion is not at all loving

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  1. Well this is the most asinine idea I have heard to date. This whole concept of there even being a Jesus or a Satan, just questions every inch of my most intellectual thoughts. I am way too smart to fall for this entire fallacy of the fact that any person existed to be named Jesus Barabus during the entire 5000 year span of the Hebrew text to the Daddamn Greek text. it is all a contradiction. Also to even speak about it gives those pages merits. I will never copy/paste this link in my blog as I personally know a hell of a lot about hypocrisy. because i am thy second coming. I am the smartest man to live and walk the earth. I also make tasty sandwiches. my slacks are made from the tastiest grass fed sheep wool. It is a known fact that in the cold north eastern winters I where wool sandals, because that’s how I roll.

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