Creationism vs Evolution

One of the arguments creationists use to dismiss evolution goes “If we evolved from monkeys, how come there are still monkeys?” They ought to look at their own religion for the answer. Catholicism evolved from Judaism and yet there are still Jews. Islam evolved from Catholicism as did Protestantism yet there are still Catholics. There are divisions within Islam and numerous forms of Protestantism all leaving still intact their origins. For those who are confused about how evolution works, I hope this helps.
Understanding evolution doesn’t mean you have to abandon or even question your faith. I would hope this brings you a better understanding of your faith. Genesis is a myth. It is interesting to contemplate how that myth came into being. The majority of Christians, Jews and Muslims already understand it as a myth and yet they remain Christians, Jews and Muslims. Take the good messages on living that the Bible holds and use them. Enjoy the myths as part of your heritage.

2 thoughts on “Creationism vs Evolution

  1. That does not accurately represent the creationist belief. They believe in micro-evolution, speciation at most, not that one kind can turn into another. No matter how many times it mutates, a fish will always be a fish. A human will always be a human and an ape will always be an ape. Species will lose abilities of preexisting information already in their DNA, not become better and more complex. Darwin’s finches demonstrate speciation, not fish turning into dogs/dog ancestors, nor a lizard ancestor turning into a finch, but finches bringing forth more finches after their own kind.

    Lucy is an ape, not a transitional creature. Her “valgus knee” which “evolutionists” allege is the evidence for Australopithecus walking upright (as the normative style of walking) is actually found in modern day orangutans. Same valgus knee. Orangutans do not walk upright like humans walk upright; they sway from side to side and only temporary, not as we do. Lucy’s fossils can be arranged just as easily into the knuckle-standing stance of a gorilla. And she has the same knuckle ridges found in gorilla hands. It’s plain bias depicting her standing as a human. Nothing about her skeleton suggests she is more than an ape.

    Christianity didn’t evolve out of Judaism. it is Judaism. What they called a sect that believed in the plurality of the Godhead, Jewish binitarianism. the Two Yahwehs. Not by writing more scriptures, but noticing details in the torah that no one else wanted to acknowledge.The Quran, is an abomination denying both the Torah and the Gospels. Compare Surah 2:231 to Deuteronomy 24:1-4, and Surah 4:157 to Matthew 26:1-2; Mark 8:31; Luke 24:20; John 2:24-29. Just to name two big glaring discrepancies. Muhammad doesn’t respect sexual purity nor the messianic message of the gospels, despite claiming to respect it, by what he commands and comments, he nullifies their message.

    • Maria, I appreciate your thoughts (sorry it has taken me over a week to approve your efforts). You have misunderstood me in several places unfortunately I don’t have time right now to engage with you more fully so others can chime in if they like in your defense or mine. We have both articulated our thoughts fairly well.

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