Leap of Faith

Quorto- You say God gave us our mind so, clearly, you believe in God.

Thomas- If that is your conclusion, it should, at the least, not be clear.

Quorto- You don’t believe in God?

Thomas- I will give you the simplest, most direct answer I can. I do not believe in God as depicted in the Old Testament, New Testament, Qur’an or any other religious doctrine I’m aware of.

Quorto- What’s with “God-given mind” then?

Thomas- I am speaking to those who believe God gave them their mind. I do not mean to imply there is a God. Have you ever tried to have a reasoned discussion of religious belief with a fundamentalist of any religion?

Quorto- Yes.

Thomas- How did it turn out?

Quorto- In a draw, I guess. He said I just didn’t understand; that I had to have faith.

Thomas- There you have it, he ended the discussion with a leap of faith. When that happens to me I suggest he leave his leap of faith behind and use his God-given mind in the hope he will recognize that when he takes the “leap” he is abandoning his mind; abandoning the mind that he would say is a gift from God.

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