Trump, Evangelical darling

How did the President think he could get away with murder? Why, by divine guidance, of course. He is the chosen one, just ask the evangelicals. He was chosen by God (their god, not any god a thinking person would waste time believing in). Incredibly there are foolish people, have been for 2,000 years give or take a couple’a hundred, who believe the world is coming to an end, not just eventually, like in hundreds of thousands of years, but within their lifetime. If you don’t understand this, read Revelation, the last chapter in the New Testament. If you have read the New Testament and you are a thinking person, you are likely to come to the conclusion that Revelation has nothing to do with the central message and was most likely put together by the itinerant preachers who spread the word and were responsible for the writings appearing in the New Testament.

President Trump has gathered around him a bunch of these nuts. The ideal Cabinet person for him is someone who supports him over our country and the best swamp to find these right-wing-nuts is the evangelical swamp full of people who had their god-given ability to think stripped from then at an early age by their parents and religious leaders.

If you doubt me Google ‘Rick Perry said about Trump.”