Life is a game.

Fear not! Life is a game. When you play a game, do you fear your opponent? No. You just play the game to the best of your ability, accept the play of your opponent and play on. I am fearless but I can only be fearless for myself. I can be an example of fearlessness which may connect with some people but, whatever, each of us is living our own life, playing our own game.

I have been concerned about the future of our planet for many years, we can call it fear, I suppose. I have saved land and cultural institutions for future generations, I am doing all I can think of to stop global warming. I am not immunize from thoughts of the future that are fearsome and, truth be told, I find my death preferable to witnessing the future I see.

How did we get here? Not immediately easy to grasp, but religion is the culprit. One of the ways it has worked is to instill belief in children, belief that too frequently has overridden scientific facts. That is what is most strongly at work today pushing the globe to an unlivable home for our species.

Here is a fantasy (belief). Lets say there is a place outside of the life we know, call it heaven, with twelve gods, could be more or less but more than one, who develop a game to play. Let’s face it, eternity is a long time and something has to be done to relieve the boredom. The gods choose up sides with the goal of one side to destroy the game and the other to prevent them from doing it. The good guys, about 2,000 years ago in game time, put a player in motion with incredible charisma who taught the concept of acceptance of everyone and compassion. Actually, it is what “life” is like on the other side, in heaven, everyone loves everyone. They don’t all have the same beliefs, thoughts, philosophies; they argue, I should say debate, but there is always acceptance of each other, respect, compassion and love. That’s heaven, but here on earth preaching love, an idea those who were trying to protect the game thought would be a winner, was soon twisted effectively by those working to destroy the game.

They put pawns into play who took the words of this great philosopher/psychologist out to the people. The disciples thought they were good thoughts but they found that people, the simple people, got more revved up when the source of the wisdom was a little supernatural so they embellished his background, made his birth from a virgin, had him perform miracles like walking on water, calming a storm, healing people. That worked great but there was one more embellishment that was necessary. These disciples become itinerant preachers needed a little something for themselves so they said that people should follow them, that they were their guides to heaven, that one could not get into heaven unless they pledged their souls to the great philosopher/psychologist and through him and through them and thus was the Catholic church born and from those warped teachings all other Christian religions. That, dear friends, is how the destroyers converted good words into bad deeds ultimately burning our species from the earth.

If you doubt me, read the New Testament and you should find the central message to be love for everyone and, with a little reasoning you will realize that “I am the way” is very inconsistent with the central message.

Think about heaven.

Thinking is a good thing. If held hostage I’d try to exercise: push ups, walking and running in place, yoga stretches and mind stretches—thinking about questions that haven’t been answered (probably can’t) like is there a life after death? was there a life before life? Philosophers call this dualism, the theory that the mental and the physical—or mind and body or mind and brain—are, in some sense, radically different. It’s fun to let your mind run free in thoughts like this (unless you’re trying to get back to sleep).

-If you believe in a heaven, you believe in dualism, that something that is you will transcend life. I’ve asked a lot of people who believe in heaven to describe it for me. I am amazed at how little thought has been given to a place in which they aspire to spending eternity, which is a very long time (or maybe no time). Bible quoters say something like this: A river, clear as crystal, will flow from the throne of God down the middle of the city. On each side of the river there will be a tree of life, yielding twelve kinds of fruit every month. The streets will be pure gold, like transparent glass. The walls of the city will be adorned with every kind of jewel, emerald, onyx, amethyst, topaz, etc.(a total of 12) There will be no need for a sun or moon; the Lord will be its light.

When I think about life everlasting, a place I’d like to be for eternity, I’d much prefer green to shining, hard surfaces. Give me grass to walk through and trees to shade me and give me an infinite variety of colors, and I’m just talking about green. And then add in all the other colors, flowers, birds, animals. I like the idea of twelve fruit trees. In the Revelation model there are also twelve gates all garnished with precious stones (If you are interested chapters, 21 and 22).

If there is a me that will transcend life I envision a heaven having an environment very much like earth with one exception, everybody loves everybody. I have read the Bible to the end and find the last book to be lacking. It works well for preachers who want to enslave as many to garner as many followers as possible largely to line their pockets as it sucks in those who are not thinking, just following. Please, just think about it. Heaven according to Revelation, walled in 12,000 furlongs length, breadth and height; except for a silver river and 12 fruit trees everything appears to be jewel encrusted gold. No sun or moon, just the light of the Lord. Really? Do you find that appealing? No sunsets, no flowers, no grass or trees and only people who are just like you, have no interesting thoughts. Oh, I’m not saying your thoughts aren’t interesting just that you already have them so what’s to talk about. “Hi, how you doing?” “Same as you.” Have any new thoughts?” “You?” “Want to go pick some fruit?”

My thoughts have led me to the notion that there are twelve entities (gods, if you will) living in a place very much like the environment we live in because they created our world. Many old religions including Genesis, have God or Gods creating our world so this is nothing new. I just figure they created a world using their own as a model, you know, like the games we create, Monopoly, Clue and so many video games.