Trump for Life

A Trump judicial pick said transgender children are proof that Satan’s plan is working. Thank you, Texas assistant attorney general Jeff Mateer, for providing proof that Satan wrote the Bible.

While I’m at it let me say that I think Trump does not plan to give up the presidency in his lifetime. Yep, you heard it here first, Trump plans to hold on to leadership of the free (ha) world. He hasn’t shown his tax returns, he hasn’t divested himself of his holdings, he does whatever he wants to do. He has said he could commit murder in Times Square and get away with it.

How can he possibly hold on to power in the face of the Constitution? Ask yourself how he can be stopped. Will congress step in? Will the police? Will the military? Will there be riots? Will there be a lot of people with guns killing people who don’t support their president?

Here is an exercise. What if, soon after Trump was elected, it became obvious the election had been rigged by the Russians, so obvious President Obama declared the election results false and that he would remain President until a new election could be held and Congress agreed? Several new laws were passed including allowing a president to hold office for more than 8 years.

Don’t underestimate Trump. He is dividing us, on purpose; he is making violence acceptable, on purpose; he is turning us into a nation of haters, on purpose. The purpose? Divided we fall….into his trap.

A new Religion

If Satan wrote the Bible, shouldn’t Jews, Christians and Muslims be looking for a new religion?
A new religion?! Oh, Please. We have more than enough religions. The religions many have grown up with are imbedded in their psyche. Communism was the largest experiment in getting rid of religion and it clearly failed to do so. However, new religions have formed over the years; some of them, most notably the Mormons in recent times, have been quite successful in drawing people to them from other religions. It is apparent that many people need religion perhaps to help them stay on a moral path or to help them through difficult times or to give them comfort. Religious rituals are important to some; songs and sermons can be uplifting as well as doing good.
I would not for a minute suggest replacing established religions with a new religion. I shudder at the thought of anyone taking my writings (this is not the only place I write) as the basis for a new religion because historically all of the great religions have strayed from the words of the teachers on whom they were founded.
My philosophy is introspective. To follow my path one needs to use his or her brain to think about this life, his or her life. I hope that what you find when you look inside yourself is a conscience that guides you. Much of your conscience may be in step with a religion or, more nearly, with the teachings of the original figure in the religion but the ultimate guide should be totally within you. We are all different. If you want to call what you find within yourself a new religion, fine; but keep it to yourself.