The Ten Commandments clarified

Can you really respect a God that dished out the Ten Commandments? Would you respect a boss who laid down such commandments? How about if the leader of your country acted like God.

You got a new job; it was the only job available so you really had no choice and your boss is laying down the law

1. I am the boss. I am your only boss. You shall have no other boss than me, ever.
2. Don’t even think about another boss or another job. I am a jealous son of a bitch and if I ever catch one of you even thinking about leaving here you will regret it. Not only will I make your life miserable but I will make your family’s life miserable, even your grandchildren’s lives.
3. It’s OK for me to call myself a SOB but you better not call me anything but Mr. Boss and Sir and it better sound sincere—no snide remarks behind my back either because I can see and hear everything that goes on not only here at work but even in your homes.
4. I built this factory in six days, believe it or not. A little joke there. You don’t really have a choice. You must believe it. I found it a good thing to rest on the seventh day and what is good for me is good for you. You, too, shall do no work on the seventh day but rather you must spend the day thinking about me. You will have to fast on the seventh day because I forbid you from letting anyone else work either. Perhaps, you could eat any food that was lying around, you know, just so you don’t work or cause anyone else to work and as long as you are thinking of me. Maybe you could, like, pick up an apple and look at it and say, “oh, beloved boss of mine thank you for giving me a wonderful job so that I can have this day to love and respect you and thank you for allowing me to eat this apple.”
5. This may be a little difficult to follow because I am the supreme boss who you must honor but you should also honor your father and mother, just not as much as you honor me. They aren’t supreme bosses like I am but they are there when I’m not so I kind of relinquish some power to them, because, you know, I can’t be everywhere all the time. But don’t forget that my spy-cams are everywhere.
6. You are not allowed to kill another worker. That’s a no-brainer. Once you start working for me, you are mine and nobody, but nobody, takes anything that is mine. It’s good for you too since everybody else is also forbidden to kill (There will be some exceptions when I will tell you to kill people. More on that later.)
7. Don’t fuck anybody but your own spouse. I told you that I was jealous so it’s only natural that some of that trait might wear off on others. Anyway adultery is just not a good thing. It’s not good for company moral.
8. No stealing. Hey, would you want someone to steal from you? OK? So don’t steal.
9. Don’t say false things about your neighbor.
10. Do not covet anybody else’s house, ditto anybody else’s wife, or his servants or his SUV.
Got it? Any questions?

Yes, Sir. What does covet mean?

It means want, desire, get a hard-on for.

Oh. Sir, are the covet things listed in order of importance? I mean, is it more important not to covet his house than his wife? And if I can’t even desire my neighbor’s wife, isn’t the adultery thing redundant?

OK, time to get back to work.

Oh, oh, Mr. Boss. Are we allowed to lie?

Read number 9.

But that just says don’t spread untrue rumors about people.

It means don’t lie.

But why didn’t you…

Oh, I forgot number 11. No questions. Actually I didn’t forget because I’m infallible. I was just teasing you.

If you are religious and you question your religious leader about the Ten Commandment and press for answers beyond the point where the only answer is “it’s a leap of faith”, your religious leader may invoke the eleventh commandment.

Run this same exercise for the leader of a country rather than the leader of a business and you may find yourself describing Moamer Kadhafi, Saddam Hussein. or Kim Jong-Il.
The Ten Commandments do not describe a loving or a lovable God. But, hey, you better accept them as God’s word or He will make you suffer for eternity which, as I understand it, is a long time.

1 thought on “The Ten Commandments clarified

  1. Going through the commands:

    1st & 2nd Commandment:

    YHWH is the one to be worshiped because he’s the only one looking out for our well-being. The other gods? Let’s take a look: In “Baal” worship, the believers must lacerate themselves repeatedly with swords and spears—thus risk infection, bleeding to death, and amputating their limbs—in their zeal just to get Baal’s attention (1 Kings 18:26-28). With Asherah, her worship involves prostitution (that’s physical and emotional well-being thrown out the window, no real intimacy, you’re just an object for cult worship, dehumanized, riddled with STD’s and only asking for more; if everyone is worshiping that deity, STD’s will spread to the whole community because it’s via prostitution that you worship her) i.e. 2 Kings 23:7. In Molek worship, you burn your children alive in a fire / place them on a burning hot statue, no consent (2 Kings 23:10).

    Those are the kinds of practices and “gods” that YHWH is protecting us from. And you’re going to compare this jealousy to petty human jealousy? God’s jealousy burns out of concern for his people. It’s futile to worship any other because, for one, they’re not the Creator. Two, their practices do not protect anyone nor the society at large. Only the Creator protects society (YHWH instructs the true way of using his creation in ways to keep them alive and not diseased, ergo commands against prostitution, Molek worship, worship of all these pagan gods; is it an ego trip? No, it’s protection for his creations).

    That goes without saying, YHWH protects us from Satan as well. Satan tried (and succeeded) to convince mankind to eat of the tree that would introduce death into creation (something they would’ve avoided had they just heeded their Father’s command). But notice that out of all the trees, Satan tempted mankind to eat of the one which would lead to their death instead of the tree that would lead to immortal life, also present and not prohibited. The tree of life was right there in the midst of the garden too; YHWH only instructed against the dangerous tree. Not everything in creation is there for us to interact with. YHWH did not instruct against the trees that would maintain man’s life, only against the one tree that would endanger man’s life. Satan didn’t write the bible. And these commands do not reflect Satan’s nature (seeking to destroy YHWH’s creations out of nothing but malice, not concern for anyone).

    3rd Commandment:

    Taking his Name in vain—making it profane, common, valueless—is for mankind’s own benefit. When we swear by His Name and don’t keep our promises, we make it seem like YHWH’s ways, YHWH’scommands, are the ones at fault when actually it’s our own behavior in contradiction to his commands that are the problem. And his commands would help people stay safe, walk in integrity, live blameless lives, love mercy and fairness, be fruitful and non-diseased if heeded. But by our own faulty performance and not living up to that Name, we mislead people away from the protection his commands provide. That, and His Name is what we are to swear our oaths by; so if we rendered His Name valueless, by making oaths in His Name, but not keeping said oaths, His name means nothing, and people wouldn’t expect us to keep our promises next time when we swear in His Name. We ruin our reputation. Thus taking His Name in vain, making it vain, to no effect, hurting ourselves and others.

    4th Commandment:

    You tried to turn the Sabbath command into “evil” and failed miserably. Allowing people to rest is evil? The Sabbath command not only prevents ruthless overworking of family, servants/employees, and animals, but even you yourself. And it’s resting in a way that will ensure the succeeding generations will know who their Creator is and not lapse into worshiping demons who are seeking their destruction in the very worship practices they inspired (like the practices of Baal, Asherah, and Molek).

    5th Commandment:

    Your parents are the ones raising you. If you seek their harm, you seek your own harm as well. If they were godly, full of wisdom, they are a help to you. They’re your support system, your backup. I would understand if your parents were non-reliable and that is why you don’t see how this commandment benefits people. We shouldn’t disrespect those who gave us life, raised us, and provided guidance for our good.

    6th Commandment:

    Killing out of malice is not the same as, “killing to protect people”. His every command is fueled by concern for people and conveying truth (if you care about people you will eliminate the muderous danger). If someone or something violates he communities safety—physically, emotionally, spiritually—YHWH commands that we eliminate them: they either let the sin go or they’re going with it, not out of malice but to protect others.

    7th Commandment:

    Adultery causes both physical and emotional harm to relationships. Feelings of inadequacy, violations of trust, violations of conscience, spreading disease, spawning children irresponsibly, not being able to provide inheritance for them. Meditate on the consequences of cheating on your spouse, with a believing heart [accepting YHWH’s intention behind his commands: protecting our well-being], and you’d see the practicalities of his commands. Not just this one, but all of them. If all you’re worried about is not being able to have as much sex as you want with whomever you want, you lack love / concern for people, including your own body and emotions—for sleeping around, lusting around, is torment waiting to happen.

    You had nothing to say against the 8th, 9th, 10th commandment. So you seem to be in agreement with YHWH’s words there. To violate any of these three, by the way, is to express hatred against someone—just like violating the rest of his commands.

    All ten commandments are expressions of love and they foster an attitude that acts out of concern for others. Even who you worship protects people because by your example you show them what is right, what is true, that you’re a person of your word (thus not taking YHWH’s name in vain / making YHWH’s name mean nothing. The name of one’s God is what people would swear by; if you profaned it, made it common, valueless, vain, your promises meant nothing), his commands protect them from danger, ruthless overworking of their body and mind, their livelihood. YHWH is caring. Satan is not. Satan only wants to accuse, assume the worst about people (i.e. Job), and rebel against YHWH, no matter what harm it causes to others in the process.

    Unfortunately, people (Satan included) can’t be proven evil until they act out; and they usually do so against someone who is more vulnerable than they are. Thus innocent casualties (unless the potential victim is equipped with and cognizant of YHWH’s commands). Whether one allows oneself to be broken by the evil done against them (or not) is a choice. You can’t break if you really know YHWH. And if you were broken without knowing YHWH, you can be healed by knowing him. So there’s none of this, “the devil made me do it” / “he corrupted me”. Sure, his actions were wrong, but you accepted it. You accepted his invitations to violate others by how you think, speak, and interact with others from that point on.

    YHWH is fair and loving. I pray that he opens your eyes to see that (how fairness and love even for the enemy is behind his every command), even the commands where enemies get killed and get put out of their self-destructive misery.

    About your blog in general and a concept that, if I haven’t driven home already, bears repeating:

    YHWH’s instructions protect us from hostile creations, from things that have gone corrupt. Satan isn’t anyone’s friend. Satan is not looking out for mankind’s well-being, ergo Satan is not the spirit who would inspire the bible. The scrolls warn against Satan and those of a corrupt nature like his (self-seeking / only looking out for their own well-being, not anyone elses’; arrogant; liars; malicious; allowing creation to lead you astray in direct opposition to the Creator’s protective commands).

    Your “exercise” is an exercise in self-deception. Satan doesn’t care for our welfare. Everything written in the bible, on the contrary, does care for that welfare. And everything that is in accord with the Law of Moses, is contrary to Satan’s nature, but is in line with YHWH’s (YHWH is the Creator. He wishes to preserve as many as his creations as possible, even if it means eliminating some to protect multitudes more down the line; ergo why he gave instructions to follow in the first place; it may be saddening in the moment, but sometimes people and whole practices need to be forcefully removed in order to protect others, whole generations, down the line). And some evil will be allowed to exist so others can learn from it.

    Satan’s intentions are clear: tempt YHWH’s creation to destroy themselves, not look out for their well-being nor the well-being of others. Easiest way? Get them to worship themselves (value themselves as Most High), or other created things (money, sex, food, job, drugs, pleasure, etc…) where they’ll do anything to get it/keep it, even if that means violating their own body and emotions, another person’s body or emotions, by means of overworking, neglecting, abusing and misusing them (treating the created being—and their bodies / organs / emotions—in ways that YHWH never intended). You show hate, not just for YHWH, but for fellow man, by distorting his commands the way you have done (not unique to you, many so-called believers do the same to their own, and everyone elses’, detriment because of their hostility towards the Old Testament).

    And you ARE hostile to the text, to the point that you don’t see what it literally says nor serves to do. The Most High God gave those commands for our own good (Deuteronomy 10:13). Your problem lies in this: that you can’t believe those instructions actually protect people from danger, and protect the weak from ruthless treatment. Taste and see. Put it into practice as it is written (not paraphrased, read whole chapters at a time). Ever since Genesis, the vulnerable are exactly who his every word has been serving to protect (if heeded). Instructions can be ignored. Someone gets protected if we practice them, many people get protected. But if the instructions are ignored? Man chooses danger and death in the long run for themselves and others (either to allow danger to continue existing or invite the danger in the first place).

    If you ignore the stop sign and get hurt, that’s your own fault. The cops are not to blame, neither is the govt for making the road, nor the dealership for making the cars. Instructions are there for a reason. Give the created things their proper use and you, and others, stay safe. Once someone starts violating the intended use, a whole chain of negative events arise which only stop when someone starts obeying and breaks the chain—oh, the chain wreaked havoc already, but further damage will stop. However, if you ignore instructions, the proper use of a thing, you risk your life (and the lives of others). Everything in this world is like that.

    YHWH’s instructions tell us how to correctly interact with his creation (our organs and emotions included).To deviate from his instructions will naturally result in self-detriment (disease, guilty conscience, death of your conscience, an increase in callousness, not to mention physical detriment to others. When we don’t eliminate murderers, we allow detriment to continue. And with adulterers, it’s not just physical detriment but emotional detriment that we allow if we allow them to live [or allow them to continue the behavior, never correcting, never rehabilitating]; under the new covenant people can get born-again; in a sense, it’s more “stone the sin not the sinner”, but this is possible only if they turn away from their wicked ways like Jesus instructs, down to the very root/essence of the sin i.e. adultery is not just sleeping around physically, but looking with lust at others whom you’re not married to—it starts at the heart, the innermost being and the desires therein, killing the very desire.

    Otherwise, they’re getting something much worse than a physical stoning upon his return—or if they die first, they get a taste of their own medicine in Hades as they wait for their resurrection on judgment day—at which point, the books will be opened, their eternal resting place decided, Kingdom of Heaven with God or Gehenna/lake of fire without God).

    Read the account of the rich man and Lazarus in Luke 16:19-31—the rich man is not in Gehenna (lake of fire), he’s in Hades upon death. The rich man, who in life lived in total comfort, never provided alleviation for the suffering within his reach while he lived; so in death? The rich man is put in suffering, sees someone far off in comfort [the very person he refused to help] and he is refused any sort of alleviation from his suffering. Taste of your own medicine.

    Lying, deceiving, having your reputation ripped to shreds because no one listens to what you actually said—that is what awaits you, amongst whatever other sins you’re committing against others right now (raping them in your imagination, having sexual fantasies of them without their consent, neglect, insults, hatred, backbiting, outbursts of rage, you will receive that treatment back). Repent to avoid this. You will reap what you sow.

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