Tom Robbins reread

I recently picked up Skinny Legs and All by Tom Robbins and couldn’t put it down. I may go back and reread his other books soon; so many laughs and such good thoughts like:

Of course, as long as there were willing followers, there would be exploitive leaders. And there would be willing followers until humanity reached that philosophical plateau where it recognized that its great mission in life had nothing to do with any struggle between classes, races, nations, or ideologies, but was, rather, a personal quest to enlarge the soul, liberate the spirit, and light up the brain. On that quest, politics was simply a roadblock of stentorian baboons.


2 thoughts on “Tom Robbins reread

  1. I have been searching for answers to this for a long time.
    I feel pressure off now that I am not alone!
    I have so many more questions and do not know who to talk to about them.
    I do believe in God. But also believe that from a strategic standpoint Satan writing or manipulating the bible would be a very wise military move!

    • Kurtis, You have a good mind and you are using it. Your thought about being alone reminds me of a poem I wrote many years ago.
      A ship as sea is a whole community
      A hundred men and the moon.
      I think, therefore I am,
      I think.
      I am.
      I think I am alone.
      Your belief in God brought back another memory. I had a friend who, whenever someone would say “God damn!” would respond, “Whose God, your god or my god?” Perhaps the best way to think of God is it being your own rather than some notion dreamed up by illiterate people thousands of years ago or self-serving contemporaries. Whether one god, no god or many gods the most important part is recognizing, as you do, that it is a belief, not a fact.

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