Trump is not the problem

Trump is the personification of the problem, he is the trickle of water on the face of the dam and, as Orvie in A Stone’s Throw said: “You can’t stop a leak on the downstream side. That’s where you see the water coming through, but no matter how much stuff you push into that hole and how hard you push it in the water is gonna get through. Ya gotta find the upstream side of the hole, but it’s not just on the other side of where the water’s comin’ through.”

The problem is not Fox “news” and other right wing commentators either because the United States is not alone in accepting nationalistic hate mongering leaders. I don’t know where the leak in the dam is but unless we find it, we won’t be able to fix the problem without reliving the 1930s.

One thought on “Trump is not the problem

  1. In trying to better identify the problem I’m reading Before the Deluge, A portrait of Berlin in the 1920’s This quote might be helpful: “The troubles that were to come stemmed not from the Constitution, which, like all constitutions, was simply a piece of paper, but from the society that the Constitution was supposed to represent. It was a society fiercely divided against itself, divided not only between extremes of radical and conservative ideology but between classes, regions, and religions.”
    Do I go too far if I say that those who work to divide us are committing treason?

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